Medium 3 Pack

All Flavor.
No Guilt.
  • 0 sugar
  • 5 Calories per serving
  • ships in 24 hours

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Size (Each Jar): 16 OZ

Tangy dill pickles pureed perfectly with our special blend of spices, onions, and peppers - creating our Absolutely Dill-icious™ salsa without tomatoes!

It’s your new wildly flavorful, put-it-on-everything condiment – without the guilt. With no sugar, no carbs, and no fat, there’s also no judgement in polishing off the whole jar. 

And it’s not just something you scoop with a chip… PickleSmash makes the perfect, topping, dressing, relish, or marinade! 

Our Medium salsa balances just the right amount of heat with our classic PickleSmash flavor.

Ingredients (Medium): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Package of 3 Jars.

Customer Reviews (22)

The best around

Posted by Elizabeth on Nov 5th 2020
Picklesmash is so good. I put it on everything: chips, salad, chicken... It goes great. I even put it on stuffed cabbage rolls. Can't wait until there's a subscription service so I never run out!

Picklesmash medium

Posted by Brian on Oct 5th 2020
This stuff is the BEST. Was skeptical when I first tried it but now am hooked and have “addicted” several other people as well. Goes great on nachos, hotdogs, burgers and, of course, Mexican food!


Posted by Billie on Aug 11th 2020
So good, very tasty, best of both worlds, pickle/salsa.


Posted by Kendra on Jul 31st 2020
I bought this salsa after seeing an ad online and now my family is hooked!

Very good

Posted by Feli on Jul 20th 2020
The stuff is addictive


Posted by Timothy Woodall on Jul 9th 2020
This stuff is amazing. Im forever a fan


Posted by Brian on Jul 9th 2020
My best friend get me hooked on this stuff after he purchased it at SalsaFest in McKinney. Have been a fan ever since! It’s great on nachos, dogs, brats and burgers.

Medium Salsa

Posted by Joanne Owens on Jul 8th 2020
So great to try something different and have it be delicious! I’ve been using it as a salsa but looking forward to using it as a condiment this summer!


Posted by Ava on Jun 24th 2020
I've already ordered twice in just a few weeks it is THAT good. My daughter and I are obsessed. I'm not sure if I'll ever buy regular salsa again!


Posted by Brittainy B Barber on Jun 22nd 2020
This is the best salsa I have ever had. Perfect combination of salsa and pickles! We are already a jar gone and haven’t found anything it doesn’t taste good on or mixed into!

The best!!

Posted by Andrea Shaw on Jun 21st 2020
This stuff is crazy good! I love pickles...and this is like heaven on a tortilla chip! I now prefer it over regular salsa. I also love that it is keto-friendly!


Posted by Edward on Jun 20th 2020
Great salsa! Not your typical blend. As a diabetic, it was great to see a zero sugar and zero carb product that was packed with flavor. The cumin notes along with a hint of garlic makes the tartness of the pickles come together for that perfect bite. Goes great on sandwiches, pork, chicken as well as your favorite chips. Will be buying again.

Good but lil salty

Posted by Nicole on Jun 16th 2020
I received my 1st shipment, my husband and I opened it right up and dig in. Flavor was great a lil too salty for me but on top of a hotdog or hamburger would be great.

Sent as a surprise

Posted by Alex B on Jun 11th 2020
I sent this as a gift to my niece. As soon as the box arrived she immediately grabbed it ran inside and started tasting it. She absolutely, positively loved it. I can’t wait to try it with her this weekend when I visit. Super fast shipping. Ordered it on Saturday it arrived on Tuesday a day earlier than stated. Social media posting of my surprise seem to gain interest in the product. Would totally recommend.


Posted by L Bourke on Jun 5th 2020
Love Picklesmash!

Pickle Salsa for the win

Posted by Brooke G on May 30th 2020
Bought my first jar at the Texas state fair during OU/tx! Have loved this as a perfect zesty and spicy snack with chips but it goes PERFECT On burgers! Just got in my three new jars and make sure I always have chips and burgers to get this greatness! Wonderful!

Wow really good salsa

Posted by shelby bianco on May 24th 2020


Posted by Susan Potter on May 16th 2020
What fun! While we are sheltering in place,we are desperate for something special AND these are IT! Wonderful and slightly salty...great combined with meat for a great hamburger. Try it and you will order more. Thanks so much for this great!

PickleSmash Salsa

Posted by Scott on May 16th 2020
When I tasted the product at my daughter's house last weekend, I absolutely loved it. I ordered it that evening. I have always loved all things "dill." And the salsa is the perfect product for chips, or as a condiment on just about anything. Yes, it is addicting!


Posted by Candace on May 4th 2020
This is my new favorite salsa. It’s literally the most delicious salsa I’ve ever had! And I’m from Texas! Nothing better than pickles, nothing better than salsa. This is the best mixture!


Posted by Christina Kidder on Apr 19th 2020
Best salsa!!!!


Posted by Jane McDonald on Apr 17th 2020
I love pickles and salsa, and this Pickle Smash is addictive. First bite makes you pucker. But that’s just the beginning of binge snacking!
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