Sampler 3 Pack

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No Guilt.
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  • 5 Calories per serving
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Tangy dill pickles pureed perfectly with our special blend of spices, onions, and peppers - creating our Absolutely Dill-icious™ salsa without tomatoes!

It’s your new wildly flavorful, put-it-on-everything condiment – without the guilt. With no sugar, no carbs, and no fat, there’s also no judgement in polishing off the whole jar. 

And it’s not just something you scoop with a chip… PickleSmash makes the perfect, topping, dressing, relish, or marinade! 

Our Mild salsa brings you all of the classic PickleSmash flavor, without the heat.

Our Medium salsa balances just the right amount of heat with our classic PickleSmash flavor.

Our Hot salsa doesn’t play around! If you like it HOT, this one’s for you.

Ingredients (Mild): Cucumbers, onions, garlic, vinegar, water, salt, spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Ingredients (Medium): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Ingredients (Hot): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt, spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Package of 3 Jars. 1 Mild, 1 Medium, 1 Hot.

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Customer Reviews (68)

Sampler pack

Posted by Rocco Masci on Oct 6th 2020
Good stuff right here in these jars. Used it on Hot Dogs, with chips, on some stuffed peppers and looking forward to trying in on some of the recipes here on the site.

Game Changing Flavor!

Posted by Angie on Sep 29th 2020
I can't eat tomatoes. Not allergic, just an aversion. I LOVE pickles. All pickles. When I saw an ad online for Picklesmash (and one of the people was wearing an Aggie ring), I knew I had to try it. I got the variety sampler. The lids were really difficult to get off but I was determined! I'm used to making my own serrano and jalapeño salsa so believe me when I say the hot version ain't no joke. But the medium wasn't quite spicy enough. So I mixed them 1:1 and it was perfect! I've yet to try the mild but i have a friend who can't take spicy so I'll give it to him. You'd better believe I'm keeping this stocked in my pantry from now on. Excellent product! Support Texas businesses!

New favorite!

Posted by Courtland on Sep 15th 2020
I admit it, I only tried this stuff (at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival) last year because I thought, what a weird idea. Wrong! Well okay maybe it is, but that's besides the point. It's so delicious. It's addictive. I especially like their Hot flavor – it's actually hot! But no matter which heat level you pick, the freshness, the dill flavor, it will make you think, hey, these guys aren't so crazy after all.


Posted by Sarah on Sep 7th 2020
Sent the three pack to my sister who loves pickles! She said they were all amazing and everyone loved them! Can’t wait to get them for myself.


Posted by Kedron on Sep 7th 2020
I’ve only tried the mild out of the sampler pack, but I am HOOKED!! I have already convinced several friends to order this amazing stuff. I probably won’t buy any other salsa again. This stuff is amazing.

Weird & Wonderful

Posted by Aimee on Aug 21st 2020
Loved it - so far we've had the hot & medium - hot isn't too hot for us Texas folks. But man it's such a different flavor. Love it.

Lovin it!

Posted by Angela on Aug 17th 2020
Nothing but a bunch of awesomeness. Will order again and again. Thanks

Great Find

Posted by Jeffrey Perkins on Aug 14th 2020
Shipped in great packaging; containers are quality (but a bit difficult to break the seal on the jars, but not a deal breaker). We have only tried one of the three sample flavors (mild), and it is already gone. Can only imagine that the medium/hot will be just as good! Great pickle flavor and consistency. Overall a wonderful find that I will be ordering more of. Highly recommended to check them out if you love salsa and pickles!

Good but...

Posted by Michelle on Aug 1st 2020
I ordered the Sampler three-pack. I like it but still love my traditional salsa more. Planning on trying on hot dogs. Should be good. I still haven't tried the hot but will soon. Shipping was very fast. Item was well packaged. I tried it because my sister mentioned she loved it - I had never heard of it, so I had to try! If you love pickles, this is for you.


Posted by Marc on Jul 30th 2020
PickleSmash is an UNBELIEVABLE salsa experience. I have been doing salsa so wrong for so long. I love pickles and this is the perfect condiment & snack.

variety pack

Posted by Tara on Jul 24th 2020
I love pickles and the variety pack was just perfect. All three were delicious.


Posted by Kendracody on Jul 20th 2020
This salsa is awesome! I ordered the sampler pack to try all 3 and when it arrived some of the jars were broken..I was so sad but I emailed them and they resent a whole new 3 pack no charge! And it is amazing! So yummy! I’m going to be ordering several and sending them to family members for christmas this year! Thanks again!


Posted by Johanna Broussard on Jul 20th 2020
I bought this for my partner who has textural issues with tomatoes, and we were both blown away by the quality. The flavor is deep, the spice level is balanced with a good back heat. This salsa is probably now our favorite salsa.


Posted by Crystal on Jul 20th 2020
I purchased the 3 pack sampler. It was a HUGE hit in my house. I let my mom and sister try them and they both ordered. I am absolutely in love with this salsa! Another order coming soon!!

Amazing taste

Posted by Erica Verdin on Jul 17th 2020
I can not wait to place my next order so far the mild is my favorite! We use as dip and on turkey and ham sandwich’s soooo good I have been sharing with everyone. My thought when I ordered was it eitowill be really good or really bad and it was really really good! It’s a must have,enjoy!


Posted by Tracey on Jul 17th 2020
This is the best we bought the sampler pack tried all of them!! Love them all!! We have put this on hotdogs!! I even smoked a meatloaf and put the medium in one and the hot in the other!! It was the best tasting meatloaf!! Definitely a fan!! Will be buying more!!

Excuse me

Posted by Krystle on Jul 15th 2020
Excuse me. Who said that you could be this delicious. The mild has a very distinct pickle vinegar taste not bad. Medium is the best, nice balance between heat and pickle. Hot is just that but a well-balanced heat. I ran out of medium before I did the others so I mixed the mild and the hot to make a medium and it's delicious. Keep up the amazing work

Good stuff

Posted by Marlene Hibbets on Jul 15th 2020
I must admit it wasn't exactly what I had expected but it is a tasty topping on hamburgers and hotdogs. My husband found it to have a bit to much vinger. Going to try some in my potato salad and deviled eggs!


Posted by Linda on Jul 10th 2020
They far exceeded our expectations! Wonderful.

Sampler Pack

Posted by Belinda on Jul 10th 2020
Just received this and only tried the mild so far but it is so delicious. I love tomato based salsa's but the acid in the tomatoes don't always agree with me. This is my new "go to" salsa. So far we have only had it on chips but I can't wait to try this on burgers, hot dogs, eggs!!!!


Posted by Christal J Ashcraft on Jul 6th 2020
This stuff is so good but try it on a hot dog and it will blow your mind!!!

It’s like heaven

Posted by Candy on Jul 3rd 2020
Attention all pickle lovers. This is a must buy. I bought the sample pack and it’s amazing


Posted by Meg on Jun 30th 2020
So full of flavor!! I got the sampler and tried the med first. I made a dip with 1/2 jar of Smash, sour cream, and shredded cheese and shared with family, they LOVED it!! Usually when I made a fiesta dip with these ingredients I have to add extra spices...not with this stuff. Will be ordering more!


Posted by Carmen on Jun 27th 2020
I had this at a friend's house who bought it at the TX State Fair (I believe). Since it was re-stocked, I have bought (4) 3-pack for gifts because I think everyone needs to try it! It's so delicious and addictive. So far, the gifts have been a great hit.


Posted by Melanie Yancey on Jun 26th 2020
I ordered the sampler pack and fell in love with the hot pickle smash! It arrived within a couple days and did not disappoint. My co workers do not like hot so it worked out perfectly that I shared the mild with them. I will def be re ordering more of this soon. I also intend to send some as the perfect gift.


Posted by Christie on Jun 24th 2020
One bite. That's all it took. I FELL IN LOVE. This salsa is a pickle lovers dream. For years I have served dill pickles with my chips and salsa. People just don't know what they're missing. The marriage of the three is incredible and PickleSmash created what my taste buds have been trying to duplicate for literally decades. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! SO STINKIN' GOOD!!!!


Posted by Jen on Jun 23rd 2020
This stuff is absolutely amazing! We love it so much I had to buy some for my family & recommend it to everyone I know! We will for sure be keeping this in stock.

Hot PickleSmash

Posted by Leah Boone on Jun 15th 2020
We saw that a friend of ours ordered this product on Facebook and our whole family are pickle fans, so we ordered the trio and love them all. The HOT is definitely hot, but you can't stop once you start. Delicious!!

Sampler Pack

Posted by Andrew B on Jun 15th 2020
Wow! This product has truly amazed me! Any expectations I had before tasting this product were blown out at the window with my first bite! I love the tart pickly flavor and the fact that this product has so much versatility! 10/10 would recommend :)

Yum !

Posted by Ruth on Jun 12th 2020
got my box 2 days ago, opened the medium jar and my initial thoughts were no, I don't think so, BUT !! then I used it on a burger and WOW !! it was wonderful !! now, I've got to try it on all kinds of stuff..


Posted by Hannah Martin on Jun 11th 2020
WARNING!!! This stuff is addicting!!! Seriously so good!! So flavorful! Fast shipping, too! I’ve told everyone I know since receiving my order they HAVE to order! You will not be disappointed!

Pickle Lover

Posted by Cliff on Jun 10th 2020
I am a Dill Pickle and Jalapeno lover. I have for years mixed dill relish and chopped peppers. I came across Pickle Smash advertisement and had to check it out. WOW WOW WOW am I glad I did! They were delivered in just a couple of days but that could be because I am in North Texas. But these are just Way Awesome. Try the sampler first to get the spice level you want. All have a spot for my menu. Already A Huge Pickle Smash Fan!

Pickle sauce

Posted by Jim Caldo on Jun 8th 2020
I love it and best thing is no tomatoes

So good!

Posted by Kelli on Jun 5th 2020
My new favorite salsa! I got the variety pack and love the medium!


Posted by Bryan on Jun 5th 2020
Sooooo good! Just enough pickle flavor to not be overwhelming! Love it! The spicy has some great kick!

Pickle sausa

Posted by Mike Queen on Jun 5th 2020
I wasn’t really cool with a pickle sausa at first but, I received the sampler and went to town - one jar left after two days! This stuff was amazing pickley taste with a little kick depending on the jar - hot - med- mild , ya can’t go wrong with a pickle!

Unexpectedly amazing!

Posted by LESLIE RASCO on Jun 2nd 2020
I love pickles! I LOVE salsa! But, pickle salsa made without tomatoes? I was very unsure. A friend recommended it, so I thought, I'll try it. I didn't expect much. I was wrong! Very, very wrong. The hot is HOT! I gave it to another friend who tasted it and was hooked! The mild, OMG! We ate it in one sitting! Little to no heat. The mild is just about perfect heat-wise. I ate half the jar by.my.self! I but it on my husbands eggs, he loved it. I ate it on a grilled cheese! Amazing! I'll definitely be ordering more.


Posted by Erica on Jun 2nd 2020
Great tasting product if you love dill pickles. I like the mild but everyone else loved the medium for a bit of heat.

5 Stars!!

Posted by Ericka on Jun 1st 2020
Love this stuff!! The mild is great for burgers and hot dogs. The medium and hot is awesome on anything...nachos, breakfast tacos, etc. So good!!

I’m addicted

Posted by JD on Jun 1st 2020
Delicious, I got that sample pack.

Bold! Very Bold!!

Posted by Angela B on Jun 1st 2020
I love pickles and I hate tomatoes. BUT, I love salsa. I think this product was made for me! I love big, bold flavors and this certainly delivers. It's pickley but also very much salsa! :) THANKS!!


Posted by Jamie on May 31st 2020
Hands down my now all time favorite salsa and topper! Have put this on top of chicken salad, pork loin, and so much more! Can’t wait to continue buying this.


Posted by BJ on May 30th 2020
The salsa is fantastic!! My whole family loves it and so do our neighbors that we had try it! The shipping was super fast! All around please with Picklesmash!!!!! We will be ordering some more!

Sampler Pack

Posted by Susan Davis on May 29th 2020
Love this stuff. Made a Michalada last night with the medium and it was just right. I like dill pickles with potato chips so I'm looking forward to that.


Posted by Margrette on May 28th 2020
I can’t believe how good this salsa is! I love salsa, but I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, so when I saw this and it doesn’t contain tomatoes and I LOVE pickles, I had to try it. This will be my salsa from now on!!!

Refreshing product!

Posted by Carolyn on May 26th 2020
We really like PickleSmash. We have only tried the HOT out of the sampler, but we really enjoyed the refreshing concept and tastiness of Pickle salsa. Looking forward to more!


Posted by Casey on May 25th 2020
If you love pickles and salsa, you’ll love this. My girlfriend isn’t a fan of pickles, but we crushed half a bag of tortilla chips to the Mild in little time, she loved it as well. Medium is a great mix of some heat, and if you like hot this definitely brings it. Love this stuff and will be trying it with other foods or as a condiment, hope since it’s Austin based they can get some love from H-E-B and make it available to more people!


Posted by lyndee wynne on May 25th 2020
Super fast shipping! I love this stuff! I devoured half a jar in one day! Took a jar to a cookout and didn't come home with it! Pretty sure everyone else is hooked! Will definitely order more!

Game Changer

Posted by Clayton Paull on May 24th 2020
Great product. Had it on a burger, great flavor, definitely a game changer!!

I love this stuff!!!

Posted by Katy A on May 22nd 2020
I waited far too long to order this salsa!!! I've been eyeballing it for a year and finally ordered a multi pack and it's is the most delicious salsa!! I will keep this stocked, for sure.


Posted by Angel on May 20th 2020
I have never in my life tasted anything that let's the pickle truly show it's versatility. I'm in literal #picklebliss every time I eat this stuff - it's my new obsession, I put it on pretty much everything and I can't stop telling everyone about it! I'm currently in the process of ordering more as gifts and a t-shirt for myself because it's just so dang cute. I hope you can eventually make hats - I would totally order one in a heartbeat! Thanks for such sharing this insanely delicious creation with the world - keep up the DILL-ICIOUS work :)

Pickles, pickles, and more pickles!!

Posted by Casey on May 19th 2020
What an awesome product! My 8 year old LOVES the mild, my husband and I really like the Medium and he likes the Hot. I’m going to stick to the mild and medium but the hot has really good flavor, just not my cup of tea. Any ways! It’s an interesting take on salsa and I will definitely be buying it again!


Posted by Arin Jenschke Smith on May 19th 2020
I am blown away at PickleSmash !!! It is absolutely amazing .. and I am a pickling and canning teacher ! Keep up that good work

I’m hooked!

Posted by Amy Ray on May 18th 2020
I knew I’d love this because I’m a pickle freak, but I was surprised that my husband, who has never been very fond of pickles, said he thought it was better than any salsa he’s ever tasted! You really have to try it to believe it. It’s tangy and delicious and wakes up the flavors in whatever food you choose to pair it with.

Great stuff

Posted by KK on May 17th 2020
Have to say I’m shocked in a good way, ordered one day and got it the next. Also, it was good and a great surprise for my aunt. Will be ordering again.


Posted by Tessa Baber on May 16th 2020
Super fast shipping and delicious! We will definitely be ordering more!

Sampler Pack

Posted by Jody Francis on May 16th 2020
Absolutely love the salsa!!! Have been eating it with my pork rinds and it’s an amazing low carb food!! Will definitely be purchasing again


Posted by Camille on May 15th 2020
This salsa is delicious!!!! I started with the Mild and couldn't stop eating it. A pickle lover dream.

Pickle Smash Flavor

Posted by Brenda on May 12th 2020
My daughter and son-in-law sampled pickle smash at a trade show awhile back and have been hooked ever since. I am not a tomato fan and was reluctant to try it. But, because it has NO tomatoes in it, I tried it. OMG!! The 3 flavors are Amazing. If you are a true pickle fan, you will LOVE this stuff. I am hooked.


Posted by Chad on May 11th 2020
I loved the flavor of this salsa! I love pickles though and we even tried playing a trick on my day who hates pickles and he ate it, said it was great, went back for more before we told him why we were laughing! He still said it was good! I can’t wait to try the hot! We had the mike and there is no heat at all, my kids liked it too. This will be great spread on as a layer on a hamburger! Hot relish or just straight with chips!!! It is pricey, about $6.75 per bottle before shipping, so if it was in stores like HEB, then I’d buy it again but probably not at this price, but it was and is still good!

Taste buds woken

Posted by AMO on May 11th 2020
Y’all this salsa has ruined my taste buds for anything other than it. It is so good. I’m addicted to it. I eat it on everything. Highly recommend all the heat levels but the medium and hot are my favorite.

Posted by Jordan on May 6th 2020
I stumbled across PickleSmash and ordered immediately. Shipment arrived in 2 days. I was not sure what to expect but I was so curious. I'm not typically one to combine foods, but I am definitely a pickle person. It took a minute to take all the flavors in, but oh man. Love it! So addicting. Even my non-salsa eating kids help clean the bowl every time. So much flavor! Will make sure we are always stocked!

Picklesmash Sampler

Posted by Erika on May 4th 2020
I bought the 3 sampler pack, it is so good. I love pickles and salsa, not too spicy so I mostly got it for the mild. I gave the hot to a friend who enjoyed the mild. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes pickles and salsa. 5 stars


Posted by Lizzet Duran on May 3rd 2020
I was a little hesitant to buy thinking it would be like eating a pickle with Tajín but it is delicious! I started with the medium since I do like spicy food/things it is perfect can’t wait to try the hot. My kids liked the taste as well there’s a mild dill pickle (vinegar) taste but it is not overpowering the salsa.


Posted by Adrian Latham on Apr 20th 2020
I love the salsa!!!!

Tangy and Addicting

Posted by Tommy Hall on Apr 20th 2020
I'm a big fan of this salsa with chips and can't wait to try it on marinades, burgers, etc. The medium is a good heat level and with a flavor that I just keep coming back to. Almost time to reorder...

Pickle lovers dream

Posted by Stacy H. on Apr 18th 2020
I couldn't give this enough stars. I LOVE pickles and salsa. Soo imagine my joy when I found this. I have only tried the medium one so far, but I'm in love with it. I'll definitely keep these stocked in my house.


Posted by Kris Touchet on Apr 17th 2020
Just opened my package today and I am obsessed with picklesmash!!! I started with the mild and absolutely love it. I have told everyone I know abt this salsa.
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