Medium 6 Pack

All Flavor.
No Guilt.
  • 0 sugar
  • 5 Calories per serving
  • ships in 24 hours

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Weight: 9.80 LBS
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Size (Each Jar): 16 OZ

Tangy dill pickles pureed perfectly with our special blend of spices, onions, and peppers - creating our Absolutely Dill-icious™ salsa without tomatoes!

It’s your new wildly flavorful, put-it-on-everything condiment – without the guilt. With no sugar, no carbs, and no fat, there’s also no judgement in polishing off the whole jar. 

And it’s not just something you scoop with a chip… PickleSmash makes the perfect, topping, dressing, relish, or marinade! 

Our Medium salsa balances just the right amount of heat with our classic PickleSmash flavor.

Ingredients (Medium): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Package of 6 Jars. 


*Free Shipping to TX, OK, AR, LA, & MS only. Discounted shipping to all other lower 48 US States.

Customer Reviews (25)


Posted by Tara Barber on Sep 13th 2020
I love it! It's my new favorite go to for many meals. My family loves it as well! Would love to see it in stores like Albertsons, Walmart, Kroger.


Posted by Gillian L. Robertson on Aug 27th 2020
This is our favorite salsa, my husband and I can’t get enough of it!

Pickle Smash is the Best!

Posted by Cliff on Aug 24th 2020
Pickle Smash is the Best every. I have been putting it on everything. Makes a great salad dressing. Mixed in or on scrambled eggs.

Love it!

Posted by Sue on Aug 18th 2020
Our whole family loves this salsa! Great for dipping chips and as a topping for burgers, brats and hotdogs. Also like the free shipping when ordering the six pack. If you like dill pickles, you’ll love PickleSmash!


Posted by Glenda Ferguson on Aug 14th 2020
This is by far the best salsa I have out in my mouth in years. There are so many different ways to take advantage of it's flavor that it is fun.

Picklesmash Salsa

Posted by Susan Davis on Aug 7th 2020
This stuff is the bomb! I use it on so many things but my favorite is to mix it with sour cream or onion dip and eat it with chips. It makes a mean michalada too. My second order was for six jars.

Uniquely Delicious

Posted by Tcrunk on Aug 3rd 2020
I love dill pickles and I love chips and salsa, this takes both and blends them together. Everyone I've convinced to try this delicious salsa LOVES IT!

Liquid heaven

Posted by Amy H. on Jul 28th 2020
Pickles make sense for every meal except Mexican. Problem solved. Honestly. I am going through this like crack. Oh and I rarely share.

Addicted to Picklesmash!

Posted by Stacie Fink on Jul 9th 2020
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Picklesmash salsa! It's indescribably delicious. Plus, they provide super fast shipping, so it's a win, win!!!

Review of pickle salsa

Posted by Brenda on Jul 8th 2020
So so good

pickle salsa

Posted by Sylvia Cameron on Jul 7th 2020
I love salsa and I love dill. this was made for me! took to a family gathering on the 4th and everyone loved it! left them what was left in the jar and now I am on jar 2. glad I ordered six!

Our whole family can't get enough!

Posted by Laurel on Jul 3rd 2020
Our entire family loves this salsa! We put it on chips, hot dogs, eggs, burgers, rice crackers. . . you get the picture. We ran out of our first six pack in no time. Just to give you an idea of what a favorite this is around our house - as I was placing another order, my 6 year old came up behind me, realized what I was doing, and smothered me in a big hug, saying, "Thank you Mama! More Picklesmash!"

Taste test

Posted by Leona Hunt on Jun 29th 2020
Pickle Smash.I have not been this turned on by a product since CBD oil was legal.Just ordered a six pack and received the order in record time.Little less heat in the med.Just perfect taste .You guys deserve to be in a national chain.


Posted by Jennifer on Jun 29th 2020
My entire family loves this salsa. We eat is like regular salsa but using as a marinade for chicken and salmon is probably our favorite.


Posted by Carson on Jun 16th 2020
This is the 2nd 6-pack I’ve purchased. The medium salsa is the perfect mix of kick and pickles. I can’t even eat regular salsa after eating picklesmash because it’s so addicting!

My favorite snack

Posted by RC on Jun 7th 2020
Throw this on some chips and you’ve got yourself a delicious tangy and spicy snack. So good! I was hooked from the first time I tried it at the Texas State Fair a few years back.

Pickle Smash

Posted by Louise Quine on May 31st 2020
I absolutely love the PickleSmash Salsa! I have bought it for myself and as gifts for others. It tastes awesome!


Posted by Greg on May 5th 2020
I honestly didn't know what to expect going into this. I love pickles, I love salsa and I didn't know how the two would mash up. Well, I ordered the 6 pack, and I finished half a jar on my first day. I think I'm going to be re-ordering REAL SOON. Absolutely amazing 5 stars!


Posted by Jim on May 5th 2020
I preferred the Whites pickle salsa. This is good but the old recipe was better.

Addicted to Picklesmash

Posted by Michelle Bryer on May 3rd 2020
I literally use this product on everything - salads, eggs, burgers, as a veggie dip. It's getting me through this whole sheltering at home - I go through a jar every 2 days! Brilliant to mix two of my favorite things!


Posted by Mollie Burnham on Apr 24th 2020
Best salsa ever made!!! Will definitely order again!! ♡♡

Medium PickleSmash

Posted by Becky on Apr 17th 2020
My whole family loves PickleSmash. We use it on so many things! If you like pickles and salsa, you will love this stuff! We've ordered online a few times now, and they ship it quickly and package it so well that we like to just order direct. Customer service is excellent too. :)

medium pickle smash

Posted by Anastasia Lorey on Mar 27th 2020
I absolutely love this salsa. This stuff is amazing and I highly recommend everyone who loves pickles and salsa need to try this salsa. It is so versatile and can be used in many ways. I love it with chips, on a hotdog, and even in potato salad. I don't mind ordering directly from the maker but wish it was available in local grocery stores.

So good

Posted by Robert Rogers on Mar 25th 2020
This is really up my alley. Great taste. Using it as a dip is good, but I found using it on sandwiches is awesome. I plan to try it with other foods as well.

Best Salsa Ever!!

Posted by Angela on Mar 25th 2020
This has become our favorite salsa! We were so bummed when it was sold out and placed a pre-order whenever we were able. This is a constant crowd favorite. We will never be without Picklesmash Salsa!
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