Sampler 6 Pack

All Flavor.
No Guilt.
  • 0 sugar
  • 5 Calories per serving
  • ships in 24 hours

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Size (Each Jar): 16 OZ

Tangy dill pickles pureed perfectly with our special blend of spices, onions, and peppers - creating our Absolutely Dill-icious™ salsa without tomatoes!

It’s your new wildly flavorful, put-it-on-everything condiment – without the guilt. With no sugar, no carbs, and no fat, there’s also no judgement in polishing off the whole jar. 

And it’s not just something you scoop with a chip… PickleSmash makes the perfect, topping, dressing, relish, or marinade! 

Our Mild salsa brings you all of the classic PickleSmash flavor, without the heat.

Our Medium salsa balances just the right amount of heat with our classic PickleSmash flavor.

Our Hot salsa doesn’t play around! If you like it HOT, this one’s for you.

Ingredients (Mild): Cucumbers, onions, garlic, vinegar, water, salt, spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Ingredients (Medium): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Ingredients (Hot): Cucumbers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, salt, spices, annatto (for color), monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, natural flavors.

Package of 6 Jars. 2 Mild, 2 Medium, 2 Hot.

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*Free Shipping to TX, OK, AR, LA, & MS only. Discounted shipping to all other lower 48 US States.

Customer Reviews (45)

Great Bday Present

Posted by JR on Nov 23rd 2020
Ill be 100% honest. It wasn't my cup of tea, but I bought it for my husbands bday present and he absolutely loves it! So 5 stars!

Love this

Posted by Amanda on Oct 16th 2020
This is my 2nd order and everyone including my kids love the Medium

Can’t get enough in Wisconsin

Posted by Chris on Sep 15th 2020
Our second order of the 6 pack sampler and definitely not our last. Using this awesome salsa for snacking and in many other recipes. We are extremely happy we discovered Picklesmash because of a friend down in Mississippi


Posted by Cynthia on Sep 7th 2020
We started with this sampler pack and are now ordering three of the hot and three of the mild - those are the best! This salsa will be a staple in our house, much like ketchup and mustard.


Posted by Patti on Aug 24th 2020
I just received my shipment and gave one of the sampler package to my son to try. And have gone through a jar of the mild one. I love it on hamburgers and hotdogs


Posted by Kelly on Aug 18th 2020
This is such a great option for people who love salsa, love pickles but aren't a fan of tomatoes! It's so savory and tangy! Such a great condiment for scrambled eggs, chips and bruschetta. The six pack is definitely worth it, and it arrived two days after I ordered it! Will definitely continue purchasing this salsa!

Not our first rodeo

Posted by Randy on Aug 3rd 2020
Not my first order and wont be my last! PickleSmash is my "go to" salsa. The hot is my fave, but too much heat for the rest of the fam, so i like the variety pack. The kids usually keep to themselves, but when I break out the PickleSmash, there just isn't enough room in the kitchen!

Absolutely Delicious

Posted by Chris on Jul 26th 2020
First time ordering Pickle Smash!! Blown away!! Was tipped off to this by a great friend who loves in Mississippi! Will be ordering over and over again now! Love it up here in Wisconsin!! I ordered the 6 pack sampler!

Our new staple

Posted by Wanda Ivey on Jul 24th 2020
My husband wants PickleSmash on the table regardless the meal. He puts it on EVERYTHING. Great product, great service. Glad it is made in Texas.

Pickle smash 6 pack review

Posted by Mike on Jul 24th 2020
Definitely hooked on these. The taste on all 3 (mild, medium and hot) were spot on. Great product that really delivers on taste, packaging and value. This shipped fast and delivered on time and intact despite the USPS efforts to break them. This is a great company and even was able to make special request on the order to get one extra medium substituted for a mild. Awesome everything here as far as I’m concerned.

Insanely Good

Posted by Malinda on Jul 17th 2020
Bought these for my husband, and at first bite... "THESE PEOPLE ARE GENIUS". I'm pretty sure he's become an addict in no time at all. Thanks, PickleSmash ;)


Posted by Barbara on Jul 17th 2020
Love love love this product. If you haven’t tried in. It’s a must.

Great Product!

Posted by Kari Hatzenbuhler on Jul 13th 2020
We absolutely Love PickleSmash! It is full of flavor and great with chips, veggies, on top of meat and pretty much anything else you can think of eating it with. Will definitely buy again!


Posted by Dannel on Jul 11th 2020
So just tried the mild but am pleasantly surprised. Thinking of all the ways to use this salsa not just on chips. Glad I tried. I am thinking that the medium is going to be my jam.


Posted by Shannon Ensminger on Jul 11th 2020
I am on the Keto diet. I found this product and let's just say I'll never be without it. The flavor is out of this world. The Hot has just enough heat and reminds me of chipotles Hot sauce but Healthier. I mean No Carbs!!!!! Game Changer.

Amazingly Fresh

Posted by Teffny Lambden on Jul 9th 2020
What a surprise of fresh flavors. I purchased the combo pack all flavors are so good with plenty of heat. I have had company over the Holiday week and everyone sampled. All 5 stars from the pickiest eaters!

An amazing spin on flavor

Posted by Daina on Jun 30th 2020
Recommended by a friend. I tried it with potato chips and it was amazing! As I continued eating it I started thinking of all the ways I could use it. It will be a staple in my house going forward!

Mind Blown

Posted by Melissa James on Jun 27th 2020
I saw this stuff at the State Fair of Texas but didn't get a chance to try or buy. I saw the ad pop up on my Facebook and ordered and OMG IT IS LITTERALLY THE BEST STUFF I HAVE EVER TASTED!!! Now my whole family is hooked! I could eat it with a spoon right out of the jar...SOOO GOOD!!!


Posted by Gina Lawler on Jun 26th 2020
I loved this condiment. I wouldn't say "salsa" because the dill flavor does not go with mexican food. It is good on tortilla chips. I would suggest cutting down the salt. It was pretty salty. I am anxious to see what recipes I can come up with to use this in.

Cannot get enough

Posted by Wanda on Jun 6th 2020
We are hopelessly addicted. My husband cannot eat without Picklesmash on the table. Thanks for adding new interest to our meals.

Oh my YUM!!

Posted by Tamara on Jun 5th 2020
I bought this on a whim after seeing a Facebook ad. First off customer service is outstanding! I commented to ask if it would be likely that I would receive the product and they actually replied almost right away to say that they were processing my order and it would be shipped the next day! I ordered on a Sunday and received the package on Tuesday, super fast! As soon as I got the package (I had it shipped to my work so I could try it right away) I ripped in to it. I started with the Mild and it was awesome! I don't think it's overpowering with pickle flavor but my husband says it's pretty pickle-y. I haven't tried the other flavors yet but my husband says the Hot is where it's at. He says it is hot though. If anyone wants a game changer and you've made it this far, try adding it to your next BLT. We've had BLTs twice this week for dinner because he liked it so much! Definitely recommend!


Posted by Aleesha on May 29th 2020
A friend told me about this salsa and told me I had to try it. I am so glad I did, it’s absolutely delicious! I have even bought a 6 pack for my extended family to use. Now my brother is using the salsa in his Bloody Mary’s. I will definitely be a lifelong customer!!

Who knew?!

Posted by Shaina on May 28th 2020
Pickles instead of tomatoes?! Holy delicious idea. My buddy lives in Austin and highly recommended that I sack up and buy the 6 jar variety pack. He was not wrong. These are delicious. We love the tangy pickle kick as well as the perfect mouth feel of salsa and a chip. Definitely recommend these and not to mention that they are perfectly packed and shipped out. I sell things in glass online for work and I was showing my coworkers the fantastic shipping of these 6 jars. Do the right thing, buy the 6 pack!

Addicting taste

Posted by Carson on May 25th 2020
Ordered a variety 6 pack. The medium is perfect for me but I will definitely still eat the mild and hot with no hesitation. Finished a whole jar the day it was delivered. Will be ordering more soon!

Nailed It

Posted by Noelle on May 23rd 2020
Whoever thought of this concept is a genius. Amazing flavor and super addictive! Happy to support a local company. Thank you for a wonderful product!


Posted by Vanessa on May 19th 2020

Texas Spark

Posted by Wanda on May 19th 2020
This salsa will spark up any meal. We have put it on Ritz crackers, chips, eggs and burgers and love the result. The Hot is really Hot. The Medium is perfect. Shipping was super fast. Love that it is Made in Texas.


Posted by Amy Laing on May 18th 2020
I am so glad we ordered the 6 pack... orinigally, the plan was to give jars to our fathers for fathers day. Naturally, we had to try it for ourselves before gifting it. We kept all 6 for ourselves, and are ordering more for gifts!! We love this stuff!

Fresh and spicy!!

Posted by Cassie on May 18th 2020
I bought this for my husband because of his love for pickles and all things spicy, and man, did this deliver. I saw him suffering through the heat but SO happy in the kitchen today. He then sent several group texts to all of his spice lovers that this salsa really delivers the kick he’s been looking for. You already have a loyal fan, and I definitely got wifey points.


Posted by Lindsay on May 17th 2020
My husband & I are obsessed with Picklesmash (mild). Even with his preference for medium/hot salsa in general, he prefers mild. I am temporarily cutting out tomatoes from my diet, and with Picklesmash, I don't even miss salsa. Its great on everything-my favorite pairing is with a creamy cheese and crackers.


Posted by Dumke on May 17th 2020
SOO I have a thing for pickles, it's a pretty sad to my friends but I don't care. Ran across this salsa and I thought oh snap. Bought the variety pack and I couldn't be happier. Mild and Medium is where its at. The HOT, well let's just say I wish I had a glass of milk. Saldy I couldn't finish my severing and half the bottle will sit in the fridge till I can give it to a friend. Its that hot (to me anyways). Love all the salsa's even the one thats too hot for me because hey there is something for everyone. The people that came up with this product are geniuses and if there wasn't a social distance rule I would hug both of you. Thank you will be a returning customer..... after my tongue stops hurting. :)


Posted by Jeremy Burdett on May 13th 2020
I love pickles and pickle flavoring. I came across the ad and decided to order the sampler set to give it a try. I am glad I did!! did not think you could do a pickle salsa, but they did and it is great. When this runs out I will need to order again and again.!!

Dang Instagram

Posted by Myndy on May 11th 2020
I saw this on a random Instagram ad and I LOVE pickles... So on a whim I ordered it. It is salty and delicious and I can't stop eating it.


Posted by Terri Courtney on May 11th 2020
This is so unique but delicious! It definitely taste like pickles but not just pickles. There is an element of salsa for sure. Be careful the hot is hot. Have not tried to medium but love the mild. Mixed some of the hot with the mild just to tone it down a little bit. Would definitely order again.


Posted by Ginger on May 11th 2020
I bought the sampler pack for my mom for Mother’s Day. She loved it! We are really enjoying the mild and medium. Very addictive taste!


Posted by Lucy Gracia on May 9th 2020
absolutely amazing pickle salsa. My 3 year old loves the mild, the medium is great and the hot is a little too hot for me but overall delicious and addicting. I will continue to buy.


Posted by Amanda Mitchell on May 3rd 2020
I am absolutely hooked!! So refreshing and delicious! I can't put the jar down. I've told everyone I know about this. I am going to try and put this on chicken breast in my crockpot and see what happens!!

Great for Pickle Lovers

Posted by Dina on May 1st 2020
If you love pickles and low calories, this is the salsa for you. The hot is really hot, but so yummy!

Delicious, unusual, and addictive

Posted by Carolyn on Apr 20th 2020
I bought the salsa on a whim and it is delicious! I can't stop eating it.

AMAZING 3 pack

Posted by Pam on Apr 19th 2020
I absolutely LOVE this product! For me, I prefer the mild and medium but my family loves them all!! I will keep buying this salsa...IT IS AMAZING!!


Posted by Nikki on Mar 26th 2020
This stuff is so good! If you like pickles, it’s a MUST try!

Great product!

Posted by Josh Gramling on Mar 26th 2020
This stuff is seriously addictive. It's very different from the salsa that most people are used to, but it's really great stuff. It's also a great gift idea.

The BEST & most unique Salsa

Posted by Abby M on Mar 26th 2020
Can I give 10 stars? I have always loved pickles and salsa, to combine them, pure magic in your mouth!! I cannot imagine a greater combination! Was so excited to be able to pre-order and have already eaten 2 jars since Saturday! Delish!!

Fantastic tasting product

Posted by Steve on Mar 26th 2020
I love Picklesmash! I first tried this at the Texas State Fair and I am now hooked! It is fantastic on ANYTHING you would put pickles on, or simply dipping corn chips!

Picklesmash 6-pack

Posted by Andrew on Mar 25th 2020
Absolutely amazing. The 3 levels of heat provided in the 6-pack gives everyone a salsa they can love. Incredible and will be ordering more of in the future. Our family has demolished the whole order within 5 days of recieving.
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