Meet PickleSplash: The Newest Pickle Hero

Meet PickleSplash: The Newest Pickle Hero

Who runs the world? Pickle-lovers (apparently!). Over the last year, PickleSmash has seen some amazing growth, and it’s all because of our awesome PickleSmashers. We are so excited to see how our dill-icious pickle salsa has gone from a small operation in our kitchen to being able to make over 30,000 jars per month! In the past year, we’ve learned one thing - y’all can’t get enough of that DILL-ICIOUS pickle power! So it only seemed natural for us to introduce more ways for you to get your pickle-fix.

Last month, we released the newest member of our pickle-perfect family; PickleSplash, and we are LOVING all of the ways people are loving the latest from PickleSmash. From a quick-pick-me-up during a game of Pickle Ball to the PickleSplash Martini, Pickle-People are showing us more and more fun ways to enjoy our electrolyte-rich pickle drink.

With so many ways to enjoy PickleSplash, our team wanted to answer a few questions:

What is PickleSplash?

PickleSplash is a dill pickle juice that tastes exactly like fresh-squeezed pickles. It is made in our home state of Texas and delivers on any pickle craving that arises!

Okay, that’s cool, but why drink pickle juice?

Aside from the dill-icious flavor, pickle juice provides a ton of great health benefits. High in antioxidants and probiotics, pickle juice can help with easier digestion, fight off long-term diseases, and aid in blood sugar regulation. Not to mention pickle juice contains high amounts of electrolytes - vital bodily minerals that can be depleted through exercise or alcohol consumption. Drinking pickle juice can be a healthy way to thank your body and subdue those pesky pickle cravings!

*Rushes to the store to buy PickleSplash* 

Now, how do I use it?

While we talk, go ahead and pour yourself a glass to sip on! PickleSplash has been tried and tested by our team and community to find the best briny ways to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a fun, dill-icious drink that’s sure to be a conversation starter - PickleSplash is your new go-to mixer for your bar! We have found PickleSplash to be great for a night out in a Pickletini, a Bloody Mary, and even a dash in your favorite beer. Indulge a little too much the night before? A glass of PickleSplash can help cure hangovers and cramps.

Similarly, our fit PickleSplashers have raved about an after-workout recovery shot. A quick sip after lots of movement can help get you back to the gym faster and stronger!

Not to mention a quick way to satisfy those pickle cravings! We have to stop ourselves from finishing a bottle in one sitting, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Have you finished your glass now? See why we’re addicted? Yeah, we thought you might! We’d love to hear how YOU PickleSplash. Drop us a line at, or leave us a comment on Facebook to share your favorite ways to enjoy PickleSmash and PickleSplash. For the latest tips, tricks, and recipes, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.