​What is PickleSmash: The Inside Story of the World’s First Pickle Salsa

​What is PickleSmash: The Inside Story of the World’s First Pickle Salsa

Imagine being a husband, a father of two and the provider for your family. Now imagine waking up one morning, checking your bank accounts and realizing your business partner had emptied them out and fled the country. This is what happened to Brian and Liz White, co- founders of PickleSmash, who turned their crisis into a success story: When life handed them pickles, they made salsa!

Suddenly, Liz and Brian found they had plenty of time on their hands. Time to travel, explore new places and time for home cooking. One evening as Brian was making hot dogs, he realized they were out of dill relish – so he decided to whip up his own. He chopped up pickles, jalapenos, onions, then threw in some exotic spices he’d encountered on his travels. And just like that, the world’s first pickle salsa was born!

The Whites gifted their dill-icious ‘accident’ in glass jars to friends and family - and after rave reviews and requests for seconds, they realized their formula had something for everyone:

  • Salty and tangy. A pickle lovers dream.
  • A salsa for those with acid reflux -- no tomatoes, less heartburn.
  • 0 sugar and carbs. A salsa that was keto friendly.
  • Ingredients straight from the kitchen.
  • Good on everything: hot dogs, burgers, chips, tacos, and salad dressing to name a few...

In 2018, Mashup Foods debuted PickleSmash in mild, medium and hot flavors in at the Texas State Fair. It flew off the shelves and became the top selling product ever in the Go Texan General Store. In 2019, PickleSmash took home the #1 trophy for Best Hot Sauce at the Austin Chronicle’s Hot Sauce Festival. Today, PickleSmash is working with large scale production companies and soon the most prominent stores in Texas will offer PickleSmash products. Big things lie ahead!

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