4 Benefits of Pickle Juice

4 Benefits of Pickle Juice

This is your PSA to stop throwing away the jar of juice when you finish all the pickles! If you’re reading this concerned because the thought of pickle juice is not appealing to you, bear with us.

Saving your pickle juice and using it in a variety of ways can be super beneficial to your health! Not to mention there are tons of ways to use pickle juice and other creative hacks. In this article, we’re going to dive in on 4 benefits to using your leftover pickle juice!


Probiotics and antioxidants

Did you know that certain pickle juice types are filled with probiotics and antioxidants? Pickles that are naturally fermented and free of dyes and preservatives produce helpful bacterias, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These probiotics and antioxidants are extremely beneficial for your metabolism, fighting off illness, and even your digestive system! Try eating a few pickles a day or mixing in pickle juice with some clever recipes. Or, if you’re brave enough, try drinking pickle juice all by itself!’


Post-workout recovery

Naturally fermented pickle juice contains a high amount of electrolytes that help keep your body hydrated. It also contains a number of minerals that help keep your body running like clockwork! Next time you workout and need to replenish, consider drinking some pickle juice to help get you rehydrated and energized!


Heartburn cure

Do you frequently experience heartburn? One easy way to get rid of heartburn is by drinking a glass of pickle juice. We mentioned earlier that pickle juice can aid in digestion, well, pickle juice also helps to balance your pH levels in your stomach and can help cure that annoying heartburn or acid reflux.


Reduce blood sugar levels

According to some studies, any vinegar-based pickle juice can aid in reducing blood sugar levels. Drinking a cup of pickle juice after a meal can help your body respond to insulin and can help regulate your body’s blood sugar levels.

If you’ve never tried pickle juice before by itself, now’s your chance! Don’t miss out on all the amazing benefits that pickle juice has to offer. You could find that your health and maybe even your lifestyle will improve!

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