The Spicy Mama

The Spicy Mama


  • PickleSmash Salsa (Mild, Medium or Hot) - We used HOT
  • Mexican lager beer
  • Tomato or vegetable juice
  • 1 lime for wedges and juice
  • Tajín® seasoning (or salt) for the rim


1. Take about a tablespoon of Tajín® (or salt) and sprinkle it on a small plate. 

2. Rub a slice of lime around the rim of the glass and then press the rim in the Tajín® to salt the rim.

3. Fill a cocktail shaker with 1/4 cup tomato or vegetable juice + 2 tablespoons of PickleSmash Salsa and shake vigorously.

4. Pour into the glass.

5. Squeeze a half of lime's juice into glass and fill the rest with cold beer.

6. Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!