How is PickleSmash red?

Our blend includes Annatto which comes from orange-red seeds of the Achiote Tree. Which is native to tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil

Why do you use pickles?

We love pickles. We created PickleSmash while looking for ways to eat more pickles. Our salsa takes pickles to the next level and opens up limitless opportunities to make your food Absolutely Dill-icious!

What’s wrong with tomatoes?

Nothing. Most people like tomatoes and salsa made from tomatoes. However, there are many people who either don’t like or can’t eat tomatoes. PickleSmash gives them a salsa they can enjoy.

What do you use to make it hot?

Jalapeno Peppers. We use the same amount of Jalapeno Peppers in both Medium PickleSmash and Hot PickleSmash. In addition to jalapenos, we use pure capsicum extract in Hot PickleSmash. We use capsicum to create a slow-building heat that won’t burn your mouth and builds hotter as you eat it.

Are you serious, there’s no tomatoes in this?

Yes. Seriously. PickleSmash has no tomatoes in it at all.

Wait, so there’s actually pickles in this?

That’s right! Pickled cucumbers. Every jar of PickleSmash is made using Absolutely Dill-icious Texas Dill Pickles. It’s the base of our salsa and makes up over 75% of what is in every jar.

Really, no tomatoes?

Really. There’s none at all. Zip, zero, nada.