Our Story


Liz & Brian

As soon as Liz and Brian met, everything mashed. Life, love, and this one-of-a-kind recipe.

How did it happen you ask? Well... we always had a passion for cooking and we began experimenting with different recipes on the weekend. It became a really fun thing for our family to do together. One night we were making hot dogs and didn’t have any dill relish. Brian started chopping up some pickles and mixed them with onions, jalapeños, and some seasoning. It was amazing! That ignited the flame. The next weekend he added more ingredients and shook things up.

We jarred it and started to give the salsa out as gifts for friends and family to try. They all loved it, so we shared it with more people. Everyone told us we should sell it. The love kept growing and the product took on a life of its own.

We know we have stumbled upon something big! A unique creation made from pickles. With no tomatoes and no artificial colors, you'll never think of salsa the same way again! 

- Liz & Brian